Alternative Vest

We hand cut my original leather patterns with which we create these unique vests. The aesthetic of my vests has become a mix of western and new age style along with the tribal style
and American Indian designs.

These vests are custom made to and you can choose the minerals and colors, please ask for the available minerals that I have, sometimes the price can increase or decrease according to the preferences you have, for example: if you want to have Opals in your vest, we will have to add the cost of minerals to the final price. If you don't want any mineral in your vest, we can subtract that cost from the original value.

The vests are customized and are made to order to fit the dimensions at the customers request. They are adjustable on the sides thanks to the rows of eyelets and the cord that joins it. Ask us about the size options, they can be tailored to fit your exact size and design needs.

FULL Alternative Vest

Alternative vest

My originals patrons are sewn with leather lace and finished with gems and bronze hardware. Combining the colors is an essential process to give different characteristics and presence to the products. The variety of color combinations give different impressions to our costumers about the same leather patterns.

Oregon Leather

Eugene-Oregon  United States.

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