Leather Bags

Leather Convertible Backpack Purses

This design is one of the most complex and intricate variation of my work. Hand-cut leather is dyed, stamped, and sewn with leather lace and finished with gems, macrame and bronze hardware. I use only my own original patterns to create wearable pieces of art.
Included on the top is a detailed macrame piece inset with quality mineral cabochons of your choosing and can be customized with various fibers and beads available for use.

Your purse is made upon purchase! I am happy to work with custom orders. I recognize that my customers are seeking unique pieces and I want to create art that works for each individual. Your purse is made upon purchase. I can take an order to use the colors and minerals of your choosing if you want.

Leather Bags $685

This style of convertible bag comes in several variations in decorative complexity. Price can increase or decrease according to the preferences you have, for example: if you want to have opals in your convertible bag, we will have to add the extra cost of minerals to the final price, or If your decide to have a convertible Bag more simple or less emphasis on minerals the price can decrease. Please see our other listings in our social media for convertible purses to see the variations in this style.

Dream Bags

This “Dream bag” design I received in a dream: someone in the dream was showing me that design and telling me…

- Can you make this?
- Yes -I said- is totally possible.
- So why you don’t do it?

In this moment I realize that I’m not making what I can, and that is a bless be able to create this. And then that person in my dream told me

- If you don’t pass this bag from here to matter you never will find out the attraction that it will have.

I woke up that day and I started to work on this bag… here is the result.

Oregon Leather

Eugene-Oregon  United States.

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